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About me

VanI have been involved in church music all my life. My experience comes from being the only musician(guitar) for the entire service in 1974 to playing in large ministry bands and running front of house, monitor and broadcast audio for large ministries as well as minstry staff support.  Being on both side of th audio enhancement system allows me the great perspective of what the musician/singers want to hear and balance it with what Pastors and leaders want and need to hear to reach people. After the school of hard knocks I attended several acoustic and audio engineer training programs, collecting the vital technical information pieces that I feel deserve to be shared. Having been trained by acoustic engineers, diverse audio engineers,  I bring experience, training and passion to the table. Experienced includes analog and digital consoles up 96 channels, proper use of enhancers (Compressor/gate, Expander, plug-ins, EQ, De-esser,etc). My primary focus is sharing information with ministry audio engineers increasing their ability to support their church. I do provide FOH and Monitor sound engineering for small, medium and Large venues.

Ministry Positions held

FOH/MON/VIDEO sound engineer, Impact Church, Jacksonville, Fl (Current)
Church Ministry Staff Audio/Video engineer and volunteer coordinator, FCFC New Mexico
FOH/MON sound engineer, Annual Men's and Women's conferences Glorietta Conference Center New Mexico.
Guitar - FCOGIC music dept, FCFC Praise team, IMPACT Church Praise Team, Numerous workshop (Richard Smallwood, David Curry, Keith Pringle, O'landa Draper and others).


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