Live Sound Guy

Excellence in sound enhancement is a requirement!

Live Sound Enhancement


Providing quality audio during service is paramount. Its purpose is to provide an atmosphere that enhances the music, creative arts, video presentations and most importantly the message with minimal and ideally no audio distractions. There is such a feeling of accomplishment and purpose as an audio enginner when they never know the audio team was there, but you see lives changed during a service because of what you did or did not do.  Serving on the audio team is more than just a blessing it is a priviledge and an honor.

My passion is assessing the audio needs of a ministry and showing them what is the best way to utilize what they have, and how to improve their system from those on a tight budget to a total audio system installation or replacement.  Along with equipment assessment, adjustment and or upgrade, our passion is sharing with audio ministry team leaders and volunteers, techniques and special touches that can make many systems sound much more expensive than they actually are. For me it is important for the volunteer team to have success after I am gone but I am always available via email for questions.

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